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Rates & Fees

The District bills for wastewater service on a monthly basis.  The amount of the bill is calculated by the number of VRU’s (Volume Ratio Unit) assigned to the property.  The VRU conversion schedule can be found in Appendix B of the District’s Rules & Regulations.


The sewer rates and fees for property located in the District and/or connected to the sewer system are authorized by the Board of Directors of the District. The District has adopted Rules and Regulations that establish all rates and charges.


Sewer Service Rate:                         $72.76/VRU/Month

Benefitted lot Charge:1                    $ 6.00/Lot/Month


Out-Of-District Service Rate:         1.5x in-District rate


Misc. Fees and Charges:

Annexation Application Fee:          $100

Connection Application Fee:          $200

Late Payment Fee:                           $10 per occurrence

Pre-Design Application Fee:           $75

Returned Check Fee:                       $20 per occurrence

Service Request Application Fee:  No Charge



Additional Fines and Penalties may be found in Appendix A of the District’s Rules and Regulations.



1Established for the purpose of paying a portion of the District’s ongoing general administrative expenses which are not directly attributable to operating, maintaining or repairing the District’s wastewater facilities.  This fee is applied equally to all lots, tracts and parcels located within the boundaries of the District, regardless of connection status, and all lots, tracts and parcels on which a structure is connected to the facilities of the District.