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Rates & Charges

A list of current Rates and Charges can be found in Appendix A of the District's Rules and Regulations.

The Board would like to thank the following community members and grant agencies for their support to date:

  • Everyone who contributed to the "Gateway Birthday Bash and Sewerfest" in August 2009;
  • Everyone who filled out an income survey to help us qualify for low-income grant support;
  • Stahly Engineering for their service to the community in completing the engineering design;
  • Hyalite Environmental for their contribution of an Environmental Assessment;
  • Gallatin County Commissioners for their contribution to our preliminary engineering expenses;
  • US Department of Agriculture for contributing a grant/loan package to finance the project;
  • MT Dept of Natural Resources for their planning grant;
  • Treasure State Endowment Program for their planning grant;
  • US Army Corps of Engineers for their grant package;
  • Great West Engineering for their contributions above and beyond the scope of the planning study;
  • Innovative Engineering for their contributions to the CDBG grant application;
  • All of the community members, too numerous to mention, who have contributed to this project.